BORNEO SLOW LORISES at Salomavillagestay

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Slow lorises at Salomavillagestay

If you visit Salomavillagestay you will have the chance to see slow lorises in their natural environment during your trek in the rainforest.

Slow lorises are arboreal primates that move quadrupedally between branches. They are nocturnal and omnivorous, feeding on plant matter and insects. Slow lorises sleep during the day, curled up like a ball in hidden parts of trees above ground. Their predators include pythons, hawk-eagles and orangutans.

The Slow Loris is a sympathetic little guy. He’s got anime-huge eyes, and moves so slowly that he’s an easy target for poachers. The nocturnal Slow Loris’s only natural defenses are holding onto a branch really tight, a semi-toxic bite, emitting an unpleasant smell, curling up into a protective ball-like shape.

The animal is prized as a pet, and shipments of hundreds of Lorises have been intercepted. Currently, the Loris’s endangered status varies by country but the 2007 CITES conference banned all international transport. The slow loris is one of the top twenty five most endangered primates.

Lately, Rihanna selfie on Instagram with endangered slow loris leaded to two arrests in Thailand. The two lorises had been taken to a national park in Phang Nga.

Want to know more about Slow Loris?  The two lorises had been taken to a national park in Phang Nga.Anna Nekaris currently leads the Little Fireface project which aim is to save the slow loris via ecology, education and empowerment.