Sarawak pepper the King of spices

sarawak black peppercornsOver the last hundred years, Sarawak Pepper has been exported throughout the world from Sarawak on Borneo Island, Malaysia. It has gained international recognition by chefs and gourmets as one of the favorite pepper ingredients due to its distinctive flavor and taste perfected through years of government research effort. It is also complimented with state of the art pepper cleaning and sterilization plants to meet any requirement globally.

Considered the “King of Spices”, black pepper reigns supreme at many a dining table across the world. the black peppercorns that originate from Sarawak are a cut above the rest elsewhere, being more aromatic and packing more complex floral, spice, and fruity notes.

Alain Ducasse is known for his love of the Sarawak black pepper, calling it one of the must-have spices to have on hand. It is also one of the few ingredients which Italy’s most prominent chefs, Massimiliano Alajmo, loves to experiment with.

Only the highest grade black peppercorns are harvested, before being carefully screened for twigs, stems and other fillers.

White peppercorns are black peppercorns with the outer husk removed. White pepper combines well into cream sauces and is essential to French cuisine and New England style seafood chowders.

Sarawak still ranks amongst the world’s leading producers of pepper (piper nigrum L) and exports over 25,000 metric tons annually, making Malaysia the country’s top producer.