MADEEH BAND: Bidayuh traditional music

madeeh annah raisMadeeh, is a name which means cousins, relatives, brotherhood or sisterhood. All the band members are related and from the same longhouse, Annah Rais. It’s made up of 6 males. Though they have been playing together for a long time, the band was only formed in May, 2009. Pratuokng, as a lead instrument, is played by 4 people, 2 players on the Gaduok (percussion), and 1 playing the Sritakng (xylophone).

Soundcloud. is a zither instrument made entirely from the body of a bamboo tube. As it is considered a lead instrument, it can be played solo. When playing in an ensemble, few players would be playing the Pratuokng, accompanied by other players with other instruments, such as Gaduok and Sritakng.

Soundcloud.. Madeeh’s music is also available on Soundcloud.

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