WHEN I WAS A KID: Childhood stories, By Cheeming Boey

When I was a kid by Cheeming BoeyWe love the book When I was a Kid written by prestigious TED price in 2012, a Malaysian animator, artist and author. Cheeming was awarded with the prestigious TED price in 2012 for its work as a Sharpie squad team member.

This graphic novel is a collection of black and white drawings and handwritten narratives that depict short stories from a kid’s formative years growing up in Malaysia — stories of surviving school, siblings, and parents — when the world was indeed, seen as simply black and white.

Dedicated to the forgotten child in all of us, these tales of imaginary heroes, lies adults like to tell children, and the dangerous mix of boredom with curiosity appeal to anyone who might long for a more innocent time when, as little kids, we all had stories we promised never to tell our parents.