Borneo jungle tour 4 days programme

salomavillagestayDay 1 : Kuching Hotel pick up at 8.15am.

Visit of Semengok the orang utan wildlife sanctuary: (30 min drive) to witness the jungle feeding time at 9.30am.

Bidayuh lunch : After a short coffee stop drive up to salomavillagestay (1hr 15min) for an authentic bidayuh lunch (all the foods are either grown locally in the family farm or collected/sourced from the jungle/wild).

Longhouse visit: After lunch we will visit the top of the hill original bidayuh longhouse to see & experience how the natives live in their habitat, which has been passed down through the generation. Here you will see how bamboo plays an integral part in their lives.

Boarding school & Mat weaver house: Visit the local ala-resort christian missionary primary boarding school (St Bernard, Sadir) and also the basket/mat weaver house*.

Back to salomavillagestay for dinner & after that your choice to mingle with the locals or have a free and easy time at our ‘surrounded by trees’  balcony.

* no obligation to purchase.


Day 2: Hunter trail trek

Go on a hunter trail deep into the jungle accompanied by our expert guide. You will learn how the native set animal traps (no animals are harmed) and how they survived in the jungle for days on end until they are successful with their hunts and returned to the village with their prize.

You will also get to see first hand the wild flora & fauna and you pick survival tips from the guide. Learn about the wild plants & herbs that you see along the way. Head back to salomavillagestay for dinner and mingle with the local villagers.

Day 3 : Jungle trek & bamboo cooking

After breakfast we will trek trough the forest & jungle to the family farm (1hr walk). Along the way you will be introduced to the local flora & wild herbs/veggie and their use. Here you will have the chance to carry out jungle shopping, (i.e collecting & gathering edible fruits, soots & leaves to be cooked and consumed at the farmhouse).

You will also see all the local varieties of crops planted for local consumption as well as commercial cash crop sold for daily sustenance by the locals.

At the farmhouse you will witness & participate in bamboo cooking. All the dishes are prepared and cooked in the specially prepared bamboo utensils. Even our herbal tea are sourced locally from the jungle, cooked in bamboo & served in bamboo cups. Those delicacies cannot be found in any restaurant!

You can either take a refreshing dip in the cool mountain stream and see the local fish species or you can participate in the farm work or you can just relax in the farmhouse. Trek back to salomavillagestay and after dinner we will go for a short night walk to see small creatures of the night, fire flies with their blinking lights are always the favorite even among locals. After that you can lazy around with the local to listen to their stories. For those who want to stay up longer, there are rice wine & beer on sale at the village shop.

Day 4 : Waterfall trek

After breakfast, we will trek to the waterfall (35 min) walk for a refreshing swim or just to marvel with awe at mother nature’s creation. You will get the chance to listen to the beautiful symphony of the forest & rivers which are just like music to the ears. Here, you will also be introduced to the local flora & wild herbs and their use. If you are lucky and you come at the right time you will get to see the beautiful colour of the jungle and blooming wild flowers.

Trek back to saloma villagestay for lunch and then drive down to Kuching.

Departure time can be flexible, we may adapt to your needs.