Borneo jungle tour 1 day programme

salomavillagestayKuching Hotel pick up at 8.15am.

Visit of Semengok the orang utan wildlife sanctuary: (30 min drive) to witness the jungle feeding time at 9.30am.

Bidayuh lunch : After a short coffee stop, drive up to salomavillagestay (1hr 15min) for an authentic bidayuh lunch*.

Longhouse visit : After lunch we will visit the top of the hill original bidayuh longhouse to see & experience how the natives live in their natural habitat which has been passed down through the generations. Here you will see how bamboo plays an integral part in their daily lives.

Waterfall trek : After the longhouse tour we will trek to one of the many waterfalls for a refreshing swim or just to marvel with awe at mother nature’s beautiful creation.

Trek back to saloma villagestay for a late afternoon tea/coffee and drive back to Kuching before the sun goes down. For those who have been to semengok, you have an option to skip it in order to have more time in the village.

* All the foods are either grown locally in the family farm or collected/sourced from the jungle/wild.